Tips to run an effective career development workshop

Career development is a large and complicated topic. When it is broken into modules, it can easily be delivered to the high school student’s batch. It is not possible to deliver career development workshops in quick time in a large study hall or in the form of workshops. It should be delivered at right time, say while after school hours or during the classroom period. If you are thinking to include career development workshop in your school or college, you need to check these tips for better understanding.

Evaluate career development theory

In the first session, you need to evaluate and discuss career development theorists like super, strong, etc. Before starting to explain career development, the students should be able to recognize characteristics and associate it with the work. It is necessary to help the students understand the significance of career development. The students will be asked to write a list of activities which they have performed in the last 24 hours. They should be able to rank each activity under the grades strongly like to strongly dislike. It helps the students to find out their passion and interests.

Make use of self-assessment tools

When a particular time is given for this class, then it should be used in the right manner. It can be used for reviewing skills, interests,and values with the group. Each student in the class should find out and list their five important values. Each should be mentioned on a separate paper. They need to work with their desk mate to set each value while waiting for them to accomplish the number one position. When they are arranging each value, they should explain the reason for disposing and why they are thinking to remove from the first position. After completing the self-assessment, the students should finish the inventory in the last hours of the session.


In this class, the students would find out the tools that they require to perform research regarding various careers. The students should know the importance of interviewing and networking people within the selected career path.
During the entire course, they need to finish home tasks outside the classroom. The home task would include conducting informational meetings with friends, neighbors,and people who are pursuing a career that interests the student. The students should also discuss with their family members regarding their education and careers.
By the end of this class, the students will learn to find ways to perform informational interviews and learn the significance of joining clubs and associations.

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