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Why Is It Time To Consider A Smart IVR System For Your Business?

Why Is IVR Important For Business?

IVR is an interactive voice response system that can assist customers rather than detract from their overall service experience. IVR is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through voice and DTMF tones. IVR solutions installed on a hosted software platform allow businesses to provide customer service 24 hours a day.

IVR systems allow businesses to present information and options to callers and collect responses through spoken words and voice recognition. An IVR service provider allows you to play a pre-recorded message to customers on non-business days, and the systems are designed to reduce customer wait time.

This blog post explains how IVR works and how you can optimise your IVR solution. Find out more.

How Does An IVR Work?

IVR systems can be intelligent by routing customers to the appropriate agent for their query. These services allow customers to self-serve, resulting in a higher level of customer service. IVR solutions also assist the contact centre in optimising the cost of operations while providing consistent customer service.

IVR features encourage agents to use their knowledge and skills, eliminate tedious routines, and increase their reliance on knowledge and skills. An IVR system is critical to providing customers with a worthwhile and memorable experience during their call.

However, IVRs are not designed to prevent agents from dealing with excessive customers. They are becoming less preferred by customers as they require agents to perform tasks that reduce the efficiency of your call centre operations. Although IVRs are a great way to reduce customer service costs and improve customer experience, they should be designed to ensure regulatory compliance and customer loyalty.

Smart IVR incorporates AI to provide a next-level customer experience. Smart IVR solutions use artificial intelligence to optimise customer engagement and can be deployed quickly. Smart IVR systems provide solutions for improving metrics such as Average Handling Time and First Call Resolution.

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What Are The Features Of Smart IVR?

Smart IVR is easy to build and deploy across multiple regions and languages for large corporations. With smart IVRs, IVRs are becoming more intelligent, eliminating callers’ need to navigate complex and often frustrating menus and allowing customers to provide information using speech. IVRs can recognise caller intents without pre-defined queries using Google Dialogflow as the NLP.

Smart IVR services can pull in the history of calls, social media interactions, website interactions, and chatbot interactions to a dashboard, allowing for more efficient handling of customer needs. These IVRs can identify the caller’s intent and deliver personalised menus.

An excellent IVR system provides real-time analytics and performance reports to improve call centre performance. Smart IVRs also provide real-time information on the number of people who attempted to make a payment and the number of people who completed a payment. A few other features of smart IVR that make it a smart technology are listed below.

  • Text-to-speech is an accessibility feature for IVRs, making them more usable for customers with disabilities.
  • These require natural language processing to achieve a conversational tone that is pleasant to interact with.
  • IVR systems provide a seamless customer experience by pulling information from other customer communication channels.
  • Smart IVRs record phone calls for quality control and training purposes, as well as for dispute resolution.
  • IVR can save your contact centre millions in telephony charges and staffing hours.
  • Smart IVRs enable your customer service team to engage in proactive outreach, which improves the perception of a brand and strengthens the relationship with customers.
  • Smart IVR can automate common scenarios, resulting in increased operational efficiency.
  • Smart IVR provides real-time insight into customer issues, satisfaction levels, and customer feedback.
  • Smart IVR uses data dips to determine a customer’s needs, even before saying anything.
  • Smart IVR eliminates the need to press numbers or listen to lengthy menus to figure out where you should go.
  • Smart IVR greets customers with friendly greetings and intelligently directs them to the appropriate destination points, ensuring no missed potential call.
  • Smart IVR allows you to integrate CRM and third-party applications without difficulty.
  • Smart IVR provides you with the relevant conversation records, live connections, and real-time analytics you need.

Smart IVR solutions are the key to achieving professionalism in Customer service. It does not require multiple phone numbers, but a single virtual number in any format intelligently routes all business calls for effective customer communication. Make smart IVR services the part of your business for an enhanced customer experience!

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